Zombie forest

A quiet part of the forest, with no zombies in sight

The Zombie Forest is one of several forests in The Land of Doom. As the name suggests, it is a forest populated with zombies. The trees and plants are wilting, and all animals are either zombies, or lost travelers (who will probably become zombies anyway.) Occasionally, Creep and the other members of Team Indigo like to go there to train, or blow off steam.


Zombies seem to roam free here. The forest is isolated, and far away from any other places. This is to prevent zombies from spreading to the rest of The Land of Doom. The zombie virus itself can be spread to others through a bite. It has even spread to people like Ninja (almost every time he's there), Poke, and Karo. Creep and Redd are the only Team Indigo members who have never been zombified yet. Creep is immune because he is already part zombie, and Redd has just managed to avoid it. The virus has a cure, too. However, it is kept within the mob, and used to cure zombified members. There also seems to be a zombie repellant, which can prevent zombification if used fast enough.

The Forest ItselfEdit

No other life besides the zombies and plants can be found in the forest, aside from a traveler, or a lost animal. Most of those would become zombies themselves if not careful. The plants are all bare and wilting, and the trees form a thick cover, blocking out most sunlight. The forest is eternally chilly for unknown reasons. A thick layer of dead plants and limbs covers the ground, and there are a few dirt paths that lead through the safer, less dense parts of the forest. A light haze prevents anyone from seeing too far, making it a dangerous place to travel.