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In the story of "The Ultimate Crossover", our heroes mist find the five missing shards that make the universal core. Without it, every dimension is falling apart! Our heroes are on a distant quest in new lands, meeting new friends along the way!

Team Karo Edit

Bet you'd thought you'd seen the last of me

Pursuing one of the elements is Karo! With his perky personality and optimistic outlook, he's sure to save a shard with the help of his new companions!

Shovel Knight hails from a dimension where he and his friend, Shield Knight, protect the land from evil! He will go on a quest to set an example for his knight comrades! For shovelry!

Proto Man, the original robot master, was created by Dr. Light. This mysterious prototype has since traveled his planet, aiding his brother, Mega Man, on his adventures.

Agent 3 is an Inkling from Inkopolis. She is a cheery squid who loves to participate in Turf Wars and Ranked Battles! Although, when Cap'n Cuttlefish needed help, she set off to save her world from the evil Octarians!

And last but not least, the self-proclaimed infamous invader, Squid Girl! She has come ashore to deliver payback for the humans polluting her sea! Although, since she broke a wall at the Lemon bar by the beach, she has been working as a waitress until the damage was repaired.

Team RigelEdit

Team Rigel is pursuing the element of Courage. The team consists of Rigel, Fox McCloud, Kirby, Maxwell, and Navi
Team Rigel copy

Team Rigel

Team SilverEdit

Team Silver is pursuing the element of Love. The team consists of Silver, Conker, Marth, Toon Link, and Rock.

Team Silver!

Team IceEdit

Team Ice is pursuing the element of Faith. The team consists of Ice, Natsu, Fluttershy, Pit, and Katara.

Team Zee'mmoro Edit

Team Zee'mmoro is on the quest to restore the shards of Wit. The team, while not all confirmed, is made up of Zee'mmoro and Medic. Possible candidates include Courage the Cowardly Dog, Fix-It Felix Jr, Duck Hunt Dog, and/or Goofy. Final choices will be announced soon.

Team Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (AKA Team Kato)Edit

Team Kato

Team Kato

Team supercalif... uuh... Kato consists of Kato, Wilson Percival Higgsbury, Penelope, Bmo, and Cream & Cheese. The team will set off on an adventure to save their worlds by finding the element of... uuuh... I'll get back to you on that.