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Trance is an evil pokemon who lives in the Sinister Woods. He hypnotizes passing travelers, trying to enslave them, and keep them under his control forever.  Some say he tries to hypnotize people because he's lonely, as the other creatures in the Sinister Woods tend to ignore him. His main target seems to be Rigel. This is because he once captured Rigel, and made him rub his feet, (and everyone knows Rigel gives "magic footrubs.") Unfortunately for Trance,, Creep came in and saved Rigel (again...) and a Sealeo. Since then, he has sworn to recapture Rigel, and anyone else who may get in his way! He has very dangerous, and powerful psychic attacks and is very smart.

Hypno and his slaves

Hypno and his slaves: Rigel and Sealeo...right before Creep comes and beats him up!