Team Charm

"Here comes the treasure hunters! Here comes Team Charm!"

Team Charm is an exploration team composed of a Lopunny, a Gardevoir, and a Medicham. When they were younger, they lived at Chansey's Orphanage. Now, they adventure the world, hunting for treasure, and a bit of fun! They help Pokemon in need, and with their new Mega Forms, they're ready for anything. 

Pamela is the leader, a Lopunny. She's the leader of the group, and is called "the Beauty". Pam likes shopping, dancing, and singing, too! She's a bit of a girly girl, but she can really pack a punch. 

Valentine is the brains of the group, the Gardevoir. She is gentle, calm, and collected. Val reads often, and can be found at the library when she's not on missions. 

Cherry is the Medicham, and the brawn of the team. She is strong, brave, but a bit hot-headed. The Medicham trains often at the Sawk-n'-Throh Dojo, and she takes her training very seriously.