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"Tank sleeps now." Edit

Tank is a friendly Munchlax who used to guard Druddigon's Cave. He seems to know a lot about the forest and cave. But, he's still not that smart. He is normally slow, unless he smells food! The Munchlax is nice to others, and he doesn't seem to mind when Karo drags him into his adventures. He enjoys eating and sleeping, but also likes to help out the best he can. Tank speaks in third-person, but he still rarely speaks. He lives in Evergreen Village, in a house right on the path to Druddigon's Cave.

Personality and Traits Edit

Tank is calm, quiet, and lazy. He spends most of his time taking naps or eating, but will spend time with Karo a good bit. While he doesn't go on many journeys with Team Indigo, he'll sometimes appear and help as much as he can. His placid movements make him hard to expect from him in a battle. He has some tough moves, despite his soft-looking appearance. Thanks to being a Normal type, he has various move possibilities from various types.

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Munchlax love

Karo: Close Friend

Scales: Enemy

Silver: Friend

Rigel: Friend