Blue Dragon by BenWootten

Bio== Spike is Creep's pet dragon found at the enchanted forest of dragons. He is a rare blue firebreathing dragon who promised to always stay by his owner's side, and fight for evil. Before he was tamed by the raichu in black, Spike attacked Creep and Poke from above.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Spike breathes blue fire at his foes as his main attack. His secondary attack is electrified horn attack, meaning his horns become cloaked in lightning. His Special attack is Elemental Strike, meaning he combines his fire and lightning powers, cloaks his whole body in it and tackles the enemy at full speed.


Creep: Owner

Nermal: 2nd Owner

Ice: Unknown

Ninja: Unknown

Karo: Friend

Poke: Known

Kreap: Enemy

Aisu: Enemy

Neenja: Enemy

Orak: Enemy

Ekop: Enemy