Quiet Little Town Edit

The village is quite small and may be the only village in the Snowy Forest, because of that no one was bothered to give it a name so pokemon always called it the Snowy Forest Village. During the summer the snow mostly melts and the snowfall is light and villagers begin to plant and tend to their crops and during the fall when it gets colder and colder they harvest the crops and save them for the winter where it's too cold for anything to grow, only having a few plants that can flourish during the winter months. Other than homes the village has one cafe, one inn, and a large store where most items were bought or traded from other towns. Villagers say that near the village is a long cave leading to where Kyurem lives but no one knows exactly who he is. There are two rumors that spread through the village, some pokemon saying Kyurem is like a guardian to the forest and others say he's the reason for long, harsh, winter seasons. Most pokemon believing the second rumor thinks negatively of him.