Miss ShinyEdit

Weavile be shiny

The youngest of all the Weaviles, Snow is the little sister to all of them and is the only one who's color would be normal. She thinks of herself as the pretty one and enjoys showing off and being complimented by anyone. She prefers being cute than elegant. After splitting up with her siblings she went to towns to compete in contest and pageants, wanting to be well known for her beauty and to be popular among her peers. At the moment she has won some contest but hasn't reached her goal of being so popular and loved.

Personality Edit

Snow isn't a Narcissist but she will show off and say how beautiful she is if wanting to impress others. She may seem like she's trying to make herself look great and important but she never overdoes it, knowing that she isn't perfect and doesn't need attention 24/7 but depending on the pokemon she could get annoying. She's fairly a good pokemon and does not put herself before others, she's also overall a nice pokemon.


Ice: Older Sister

Blizzard: Older Brother

Frost: Older Brother