Reverse world

The Reverse World is where Creep was born and where he came from to live in the real world. In this world, pokemon are dominant over humans (meaning the trainers obey the pokemon.).

What happened at this place?!Edit

Before Creep went to the real world, his parents took care of him and his family, until one day, two pokemon were blowing up random houses. Creep's Parents abandoned their house in the reverse world, and it was blown up. Later, they fell through a portal leading to the real world, and Creep's dad got hit by a car. Creep's mom wanted to die with his dad, so she let her own son kill her. So Creep, Demon, Beta, Gamma and Zoltar had to think of ways to survive in the real world. After a few days, Demon commited a crime and got arrested for 3 years. Because of this, Creep wanted revenge and started his mob. Over the years, he met Ninja, who then became the highest ranking member, along with poke for an assistant. Then Ice came along and started a fight with Creep's mob and nobody won. So, Creep and Ice's brother, Frost became arch enemies. After a while, Ice joined the mob from boredom, after she realized that Creep is the one who murdered Justin Bieber.