Personality And BioEdit

Redd is a normal looking Zoroark but slightly daker colored. She is friendly, a bit cocky, loyal, and loves fighting other people. She likes cake and lemons but will sometimes attack people who ar
e holding lemons. Sometimes when she's fighting she goes alittle crazy but can control herself if she starts attacking things too much. She likes to run off and explore on her own and fight ignoring danger she would be getting herself in. She likes to fight, sleep, explore, and watch other things in her free time. Ice The Weavile is her other form.


As a Zoura Redd did not have many friends. Most of them enjoyed being together but Redd liked to be alone and explore her surroundings. When someone would tell her she needs to be like everyone else she would get sad but when they would yell at her or say mean things to her she would end up attacking them. A few months later everyone just left Redd alone and not even look at her and the only ones that wouldn't was her own parents but she still felt very depressed. Days later she decided to run away and didn't stop running until she got out of the forest which young Zouras was not allowed to go. She trained everyday and worked on her illusion and soon used it to escape from trainers who tried to catch her. Around a year later she evolved and started to explore the world around her. She founded the mob and joined it because she thought if she did she would get stronger by fighting alot.


Creep: Boss, Friend, Fellow Mob Member

Ninja: Friend, Fellow Mob Member

Poke: Friend, Fellow Mob Member

Karo: Friend, Fellow Mob Member

Lemons: Pet Skitty