One part of the city

The City== Purrloin's Creek City is the capitol city of The Island of Adventure. It was named after the Purrloin's Creek, the river that runs through the middle. The Mob often goes here to buy supplies that they may need, to do a job, track an enemy, or sometimes they're just lead here during some hectic adventure. It has many houses, appartment buildings, bridges, roads, hotels, stores, and restaurants. Surprisingly, it only has three gas stations. There are also fire departments, hospitals, police stations and a subway system.

Important BuildingsEdit

Magnezone's HQEdit

The police Headquarters, and where Magnezone can be found. Magnezone stays here to oversee the smaller police station's in the city. Next door is the local jail, which he oversees as well.

The JailEdit

Purrloin Creek City's prison. It has a very big building, several guard towers, a small office building, and a big outside area aswell. The building is devided into two main sections: Mormal, for first time and minor offenders, and High Secutity, for the toughest and baddest of criminals. The prison is very heavily guarded, and very few have ever escaped. In the darkest corners of the jail building, Magnezone has five cells reserved; one for each member of Team Indigo. Of course, they're all really dusty because they're unused, due to Magnezone's frequent failures.

The Random Supply StoreEdit

A very convenient store that sells all kinds of supplies. The Mob members often go here if they need something really quickly. The prices are low, but that usually doesn't matter to them, because they just steal what they want anyway.

The Cage StoreEdit

An odd store that specializes in selling cages. They do surprisingly well. Cages of all shapes and sizes can be here. They also sell handcuffs near the counter... And candy!!

The LibraryEdit

Purrloin's Creek City has a few small libraries, but near the center, they have one big one! The librarians are all very strict, especially when it comes to being too loud. If you can manage to avoid breaking any of the 100 rules, you can find a book on almost anything!