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Shiny chesnaught

Orak (pronouced ORE-ACK) is Karo's "evil" clone from the Mirror World. The Mirror World is a place where any wish reflected on the entrance mirror can come true.

When Karo was younger, he wished for a friend, and thus creating Orak. The young Pokemon didn't see that he actually created one at the time, so he was filled with disappointment that his friend didn't appear. He took his anger out on the mirror. After attacking it, he cut himself, making him more frustrated. Karo destroyed the mirror completely, and left the shards on the ground. The little Shadow 'mon looked into the shards of the mirror, watching his new friend walk away. Orak lived many of his years alone, waiting for his new friend to return. Karo forgot about how he had destroyed the mirror all those years ago, and repaired the Mirror. Once it was repaired, Orak jumped out, and attacked Karo. The Shadow 'mon left his creator's presence, and occasionally comes back every now and again.

Personality and TraitsEdit


Orak used to be depressed or angry most of the time. He tried to stay in the darkness, and keep to himself. When he was in battle, he tended to be very angry and merciless.

After realizing mistakes that he and Karo had made in the past, he has come to finally accept him. They're not the closest of friends, but they are warming up to each other.

Orak, like Karo, is still very playful. He reads, plays games, and uses his imagination. As well as being the "opposite" of Karo, he is normally the fully evolved, shiny form of the Karo's main form.

Karp seems to have taken his place as "evil" clone.

Relationships Edit

Karo: Rival, former enemy

Karp: Rival

Rigel: Unknown, former enemy

Ice: Unknown, former enemy

Silver: Unknown

Kato: Unknown

Zee: Unknown

Creep: Unknown, former enemy