Crazed Necromancer Edit


Necro is a Gliscor who studies the dark arts, it's possible that Necro isn't his real name. The only reason he studied black magic is because that's what he wanted to do, it was his interest, no wanting revenge or wanting more power or anything like that, he just wanted to learn and use it for his enjoyment. He lives up on a mountain alone in an abandoned building which looks like a castle from long ago. He studies almost all day and night, rarely getting sleep so he'll often appear tired. He's most determined to use powerful spells to summon many and powerful undead beings though due to the complexity of the spells he often fails and nothing happens. Despite that Ice thinks it's too dangerous to not do anything so she'll often annoy him to distract him from learning more and succeeding one day.

Personality Edit

Necro is very determined about whatever he does, even to the point where it doesn't seem logical anymore which would be why he may seem a bit crazy. Who knows! It could also be that the dark magic is rotting his brain or something, once he started learning he only got more and more addicted to it. He's loud and does not care what others think, he wants everything his way and if anyone has a problem with it then they can deal with it. With an attitude like that, the few times he has went down from the mountain, others instantly think of him as a nuisance.

Abilities Edit

Necromancy: He is always successful at summoning the undead if close to their body and can summon from one to ten at a time. There has been times he has summon more advance undead pokemon, ones that didn't appear to be so rotted and weren't so mindless.

Black Magic: Not much stands out about this magic, he shoots magical energy from his claws to attack, in a way it's like using dark pulse, but instead of being a dark type pokemon attack it's just black magic.


Ice: Enemy, annoyance.