The Restless FlameEdit


Moltres is the younger brother of Articuno and Zapdos. The two always had to keep an eye on him as he would often being causing trouble or getting into it, though he didn't know better and always thought he was right. He has a passion for battling and will get into any fight he can, often winning which only fed the flame to his pride. Due to being a legendary he has been banned from tournaments he tried entering but luckily for him he has found some places where he can go and appear as a challenge for those who claim they can beat him.

Personality Edit

He's basically good but some may have accused him of being a nuance due to always wanting to fight others no matter who they are of if they have important things to do immediately but after getting older he's reasonable with challenging others now. He's quite energetic and can be reckless with his battles, there's been times he has set fire to everything around him but thankfully so far Articuno was there to put it out.


Zapdos: Brother

Articuno: Sister