Dream Meloetta

"I wanna hear you sing it with me! ♪" Edit

Meloetta is a beautiful Meloetta who the mob met on a mission. She loves to sing and is a really nice and gentle Pokemon. She was found as a damsel in distress in a cave, guarded by a Golurk. It is unknown how she was trapped there, or how long she was trapped. But after a while, she was revealed to be pop sensation MEL0.D (Melody)! She now resides in Serenity City, and preforms in a various shows all around!

Personality and Traits Edit

Melody is sweet, and caring. She helps anyone she can, and enjoys singing. She'll normally stay back from danger, and let others do the fighting. This will occasionally get her into danger, and she is said to be more attractive with this look. She also seems to be a little bit shy this way.

She has not been seen by Team Indigo in her Piourette Forme yet, though.

Meloetta sit


  • Relic Song is used to change her Forme, or just simply play a beautiful tune.
  • Psychic can be when she wants to pick up things that are far away. Her gem on her forehead glows a lighter blue when she uses this.
  • Close Combat is mostly used when she is in her Piourette Forme, and she attacks very swiftly. Punching and kicking, she normally takes down her enemy.
  • Acrobatics is when she wants to show off, and again is mostly used in her Piourette Forme.



Karo: Friend

Rigel: Friend

Ice: Friend

Creep: Friend

Theme SongEdit

Meloetta - Relic Song (8bit Remix)

Meloetta - Relic Song (8bit Remix)

Melody's theme is an 8-Bit Remix of the Relic Song from Pokemon Black & White.