The leader of the clan

Magnezone's Clan==

Magnezone's Clan is a large group of Magnemites and Magneton, all serving under one leader: Magnezone. The clan works for the city, sort of like a police force. Their main goal is to catch and arrest the city's most wanted criminals: Creep, and his sidekick Ninja, and disband the mob. The Magnemites and Magnetons are all very loyal to Magnezone. They follow his orders without question. Magnezone himself doesn't seem to be very bright, however. He's plans nearly always fail. He is also easily defeated by the mob. He is still a persistent, hard worker, as he hasn't given up on his goal despite numerous failures. The other Magnemites and Magneton seem to be lost without his guidance, as they all panic and retreat when he is defeated. On more than one occasion, he managed to catch Ninja, but never kept him locked up for long because the other mob members quickly save him. They don't seem to be very good at guarding prisoners, however they have caught other criminals outside the mob in the past.



Magnemite, the lowest members of the clan