This page is a list of places that are occupied by the Facilitator.

The Sky TowerEdit

The Sky Tower is a tower made from concrete bricks occupied by Scarlet that is 400 Kilometers (248-249 Miles) high, or if you prefer, just really high. It has a teleporter that as of now goes to the the basement (it's locked with a 16-character passcode) and a guest storage room. Scarlet's room is at the peak of the tower, but the staircase is actually "taller on the inside" (thanks to Castor) so it only takes about a two minutes at most while walking to reach the top. Scarlet's room contains:

  • Bathroom
    • Bathtub and Shower (with Towel Rack)
    • Laundry Machines (washer and dryer)
    • Psychic Wardrobe (predicts what outfit you want)
    • Sink and Mirror
    • Toilet
  • Bigger-on-the-inside chest
  • Desk
    • Computer
    • Lots of files
    • Lots of paper
    • Paddle Ball
    • Printer
    • Spinny Chair
  • Dining Table
  • Double Bunkbed (Double Bed + Bunkbed)
  • Guest Room
    • Bed
    • Decorative Plant
    • Dresser (with Lamp)
  • Kitchen
    • Dishwasher
    • Freezer
    • Microwave
    • Refrigerator
    • Several bigger-on-the-inside cabinets
    • Stove
  • Hanging-Out Area
    • 90" Plasma Screen TV
    • Large Sofa
    • MPGM (Multiple Platform Gaming Machine)
  • Reading Table
    • Books
    • Magazines
    • Newspapers
  • Telescope

Type 465 TARDISEdit

This TARDIS was discovered at the ocean floor disguised as a polished brown wardrobe. Chronicle and Iron reside in it.

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