Mysterious White BlurEdit

Frost BG

Frost what you would call albino, his fur being white and his feathers having a pale look to them. His eyes are a little brighter and have a pink touch to them. Since splitting up from his siblings he was never heard from and he never attempts to contact them but it's not that he doesn't care, he's just mysterious! On his travels he keeps training to get stronger and to learn even more about his power of manipulating and controlling the cold, from making a room chilly to making ice spikes rise from the ground.

Personality Edit

Frost is a very silent Weavile, rarely speaking and when he does it's only a few words. Despite talking in such a simple way he has much wisdom, always keeping his cool as he knows what may be the best way to react to a situation or to fix a problem. He can seem harsh and cold but he only wants to say what's right and how things are, even if the truth will hurt others. He has a strong sense of justice.


Ice: Friend, Sister

Snow: Friend, Sister

Blizzard: Friend, Brother

Creep: Enemy