Flash&Flair Color

The twins, Flash and Flair

Flash and Flair are twins, and Kato's cousins. They've known him since he was born and are close friends even to this day. They're members of a team they made called 'Static Squad' that even Kato was a part of once. Though Kato had left to find a new home, they have come by and see eachother quite a bit now.


Flash and Flair are very much alike with little to no difference to their personalitys. They're both very adventurous and pretty outgoing. They really don't like it if someone is picking on their family, and can get pretty defensive if they feel mocked, or can even get a bit violent or desprate when one feels the other is threatened in some way. They're pretty close to their cousin Kato as well, often calling him 'Baby Cousin' because of how much younger Kato is to them.

Static SquadEdit

Originaly the Static Squad was a team consisting of Flash, Flair and Kato, and they all wore vests as part of a team uniform. Kato's vest was pink to match his coloring, but Flash and Flair decided to go with each others coloring rather then their own. The Static Squads main enemies are the Pan Bros, a team that consists of a Pansear, Panpour, and Pansage, but the Static Squad is always able to foil their plans.