Below is a list of episodes in our TV series! Well, if we had one... But hey! It's a cool idea right? If we did have one, I think the episodes would look something like this...

Episode ListEdit

Season 1Edit

Series # Season # Title Description                                                         
1 1 The Beginning A group of five Pokemon, including Silver Edge, Hazeel "Ice" the Weavile, Rigel Travolk,  Lucas "Karo" Diamond, and Kato Pachi, go to investigate suspicions of a Pokemon Mob for different reasons. They discover that the leader, Creep Raichu, is not as evil as he claims and form their own team, Team Indigo.
2 2 Mission One The group finishes unloading some supplies into the spare rooms of the mob building and are faced with their first mission: Saving a group of baby Togepi from a shiny Charizard.
3 3 Battle with Bowser Koopas begin attacking Purrloin's Creek, so the team is sent to investigate. They then have to track down Bowser, their king, and put a stop to his crimes.
4 4 The Zombie Zone Zombies stray from the Zombie Forest and infect the city. The team must defend the building and themselves while Kato researches a cure.
5 5 Entranced The team is sent to rescue a Sealeo from the control of an evil Hypno named Trance
6 6 Girls' Night Out Ice begins to feel lonely since she is the only girl on the team, and she actually has no other female friends. She befriends a trio of Jynx, known as the Jynx Sisters, but later suspects that they might not be what they seem.
7 7 Groudonzilla Strikes A giant Groudon is attacking the city, and Team Indigo is sent to fight it.
8 8 Parasection Team Indigo traces the origins of Groudonzilla to a small lab belonging to the mad Dr. Sheldon Parasect.
9 9 Tyrants of the Mountain Karo goes off on his own, and finds himself in the company of a group of Tyranitar
10 10 Bad Moon Rising The team notices that Rigel's behaviour is rather strange. During a full moon, they find out why: He's really a werewolf!
11 11 An Island of Clay After building a raft and sailing to a small island, the Indigo members meet a Squirtle named Clay, who says that he is the king of the island. The island is later attacked by an enemy from Rigel's past: Skar, the Raticate, along with his two goons Scritch and Scratch, both Rattatas, who are after a rare gem hidden below the island's surface.
12 12 The Sixth Ranger

The gang starts to notice that Creep and his "mob" members are not of much help to Team Indigo, despite their strengths. After a plan falls short on a mission, they agree that it's time to find a new member! While holding auditions, the candidates are all terrible, until they find hope in one girl, a Leavanny named Rita. The team moves into a new building across the street from the mob building, in order to accommodate their new member and to get a bit of space between the wacky, background members of Creep's mob. A new mission at Dr. Parasect's lab becomes the perfect chance to put her to the test.

Season 2Edit



Season #

Title Description                                                      
13 1 Leave it to Zee Picking up right from where the last episode left off, the team's mission ends up a failure when they end up walking right into Dr. Parasect's trap. Rita is revealed to be one of Dr. Parasect's inventions, a robot, actually named R.I.T.A. (Robotic Intelligence Technological Assistant.) As Dr. Parasect reveals his plans, the team finds that their fates rest in the hands of a complete stranger, a Lucario named Zee.
14 2 History, Herstory Hearing Zee's exciting stories from his past leads the rest of the group to share bizarre, obscure details from their own pasts.
15 3 Survival of the Cutest Karo, Kato and Rigel all argue over which of them is the cutest. The Jynx Sister's return and decide that they are all cute be decorations!
16 4 Carnival Chaos A simple trip to the carnival causes the team to face off against a new enemy: Cheshire, the Zoroark, who tries to force them all to be a part of his show!
17 5 Flashback Kato invents a machine that can change a person's physical age, but before he can test it, it gets stolen and the team is turned into babies.
18 6 Cat and Mouse The team is bored when no new missions arrive. Silver suggests they play "Cat and Mouse" with him as the cat.
19 7 The Trees Have Eyes Late at night, the team encounters their most sadistic, demonic foe yet: A Trevenant who plans on taking over, or destroying, the world!
20 8 Scaly Showdown While exploring a dark cave, the team must confront a savage Druddigon named Scales.
21 9 Transforming! Powers of Disguise! While exploring their own, different methods of transforming, the gang starts to lose track of who's who.
22 10 Ninja Rivalry Zee's friend Zeke becomes an extra member of the team. During a mission, he and Rigel both compete to see who is the better ninja, but this leads to them ending up as cell mates in Bowser's dungeon. When the rest of the team is unable to save them, they must work together to escape and save the day.
23 11 The Haunted Lighthouse The team, joined by Rigel's roommate Justin, explore a mysterious, haunted lighthouse where they follow a quirky detective named Leon Kex, but as they explore, they begin to disappear, one by one.
24 12 Dinner at Samual's

While investigating a report of illegal business practices, the CEO of the company, Samual L. Phlosion discovers the team and invites them to dinner at his huge, mysterious mansion

Season 3Edit

Series # Season # Title


25 1 A Squishy Secret Karo begins having trouble keeping his true identity a secret. At first, he only told Rigel, but after a series of events involving an evil Muk trying to take Karo's transforming powers, he is forced to tell Zee, Ice, Silver and Kato the truth: Karo is a Ditto.
26 2 The Metronome Amulet Creep calls in his old team, Team Indigo, and sends team after an ancient artifact: The Metronome Amulet, which gives the wearer the power to use any Pokemon move. While searching an abandoned castle, they are attacked by a mysterious, invisible, and powerful villain.
27 3 "In-tents" Horror The team goes camping deep in the woods. Everything seems normal until Silver's ghost story seems to be coming true.
28 4 Something Sour Ice gets upset when all the lemons in the region suddenly vanish, including those she had stored away. She insists that it's part of a villain's plan, but the rest of the team has a hard time believing that a villain would steal lemons.
29 5 Team Indigo 2.0 With the team away on a major mission, Zeke, Clay, Justin, Tank, Blizzard, and Detective Xander Goose team up to fight one of the team's enemies themselves.
30 6 Minccino, the Dark Lord This episode parallel's the previous episode, and follows Team Indigo on their mission to fight an evil Minccino, who plans on using dark magic and twisted plots to rule the world.
31 7 The Magic of Science Silver's magic and Kato's science interefere with each other, causing a conflict between the two that goes a bit too far.
32 8 Game of Trance Trance the Hypno traps the team (including Zeke and Justin, their extra members), and forces them to play a series of childish games like Simon Says and Hide and Seek. The person who comes in last in each game falls under Trance's control because of a spell he cast, but a greater concern is what he has planned for the last person standing.
33 9 Lockout After a burglar breaks into the HQ, Kato designs and installs a new security system, but it causes problems when it keeps the team out too.
34 10 Meouch Meowth gets tired of the way Creep treats him at the mob building, so he quits and joins Team Indigo instead. While Creep feels increasingly lonely without Meowth to pick on, Meowth has trouble keeping up with Team Indigo on their missions. Creep searches for a replacement, while Meowth continuously gets in Team Indigo's way.
35 11 So Car Gone The team tries to enjoy a simple day of kart racing, but when several villains join in, the race becomes more extreme and dangerous than they had expected.
36 12 Moonlight Fight During a full moon, Rigel must be kept restrained and away from moonlight, or he'll lose control of his werewolf self and go on a rampage. Meanwhile, Zee is exposed to a Mega Stone and mega evolves, causing him to go on a rampage himself, accidentally exposing Rigel to the moonlight. Kato, Karo, Ice and Silver have to contain their friends before their powered up fight results in serious damage.

Season 4Edit





Title  Description                        
37 1 Darkest Hour Russel notices how desperate Black is to defeat Ice, so he tricks the hydreigon into aiding him in his latest evil scheme, promising him that he can finally best his rival.
38 2 Taboo Trance casts his most powerful spell yet on the entire region, causing anyone who says a trigger word to fall under his spell. The team must find out what this word is without saying it themselves, while researching a way to reverse the spell.
39 3 Ladies' Night In order to investigate a possible crime, Team Indigo, joined by Detective Kex, must disquise themselves as girls in order to get into a girls only social event.
40 4 Freeze Frame Silver accidentally uses a spell that freezes time for everything and everyone outside the Indigo HQ. When he tries to reverse it, he realizes that a page from his spell book is missing! He then must lead his five teammates on a strange journey to find the page, or to find some way to undo this effect.
41 5 The Pirate Bay Team Indigo must work to save a corsola named Coralina from a crew of evil pirates.
42 6 Big Treble The team poses as a band in an effort to stop the Koopalings, who also formed a band to try and enslave people through the power of music.
43 7 House Hunting Zee decides that he cannot continue living without a place of his own. While searching for a place to live with the others, they finally find the perfect place for Zee! Unfortunately, this dream home turns into a nightmare when they find out it was all a trap set up by the Jynx Sisters, caused by a crush one of them has on the lucario.
44 8 Robo-Wreck Kato feels like he's fallen into a rut when none of his recent inventions seem useful, so he builds a super robot. Unfortunately, the robot ends up being evil and turns on Kato and the gang. Kato is reluctant to fight off his own creation, and Karo's love of robots make it hard for him to help too.
45 9 Monsterpiece Dr. Parasect steals some DNA from Team Indigo and their friends and uses it to create a legion of monsters.
46 10 Castle Crashers The team helps King Dedede get his castle back after Bowser takes it over.
47 11 Pet Peeve Jealous of Rigel's recently found Waddle Dee, Karo goes searching for his yoshi that ran away in a previous episode.
48 12 Total Pandamonium

Rigel and the team go looking for the Pancham who hatched Rigel's first egg, but his "brother" Adlebaran keeps getting in their way.

Season 5Edit

Series # Season # Title Description
49 1 Six Heroes Silver finally reveals details of his mysterious past after something from his past returns and puts his friends in danger.
50 2 Psych-Sick Justin comes down with a terrible cold after a mishap in a battle alongside Ice. Unfortunately, this also makes it hard for him to control his powers, just when he needs them the most.
51 3 Can't Bear It Rigel's 'pet' panda Roscoe's backstory is revealed through a series of flashbacks while he assists the team in a fight against Dr. Parasect.
52 4 The Static Squad Kato's cousins, Flash and Flair, come to town to visit their cousin and get their old team, the Static Squad together. Unfortunately, they're main reason for coming to town was to persue their old enemies, the Pan Bros.
53 5 S-Mothered A baby Kangaskahn is kidnapped, sending her mother into a dilusional state, which causes her to mistake everyone for her babies, including Team Indigo. The team must find the real baby before they get smothered in motherly love.
54 6 Shooting Stars Rigel finds a group of Astral Beasts. Finally finding out about his origins and abilities, he considers leaving the group, and the planet, to travel the cosmos with them, but they may not be who they say they are.
55 7 Hyper Unrealistic To help the team prepare for missions, Kato designs a virtual reality chamber. Unfortunately, the virtual missions become so realistic that the rest of the team has a hard time telling the difference between what's real and what's not.
56 8 Faster Than Light Ice gets irritated when Zee is able to outrun her with Extremespeed, though Zee is completely oblivious. During a mission to stop a conflict between Dr. Parasect and Blade, it becomes evident that the team depends on both of them.
57 9 Flight or Fight Karo feels like he doesn't contribute much in battles, so he tries emulating the fighting styles of his friends. When a confusing mission against Cheshire splits the team up, Karo must rely on his own abilities and wit to help defeat this villain.
58 10 The Network: Part I A series of seemingly random, minor crimes suddenly seems to have a pattern. Unfortunately, the team runs into trouble with the local police force, as the crimes committed are too minor for the team to be involved.
59 11 The Network: Part II The team conducts their own underground investigation on this crime network, while dodging the police. Meanwhile, the crimes committed seem to be getting more serious and the pattern seems to be moving closer to the Indigo and police HQs. Things get even more serious when it looks some of the team's friends are responsible for this.
60 12 The Network: Part III The team finds the true head of the network, just as a major attack targets the police HQ. Team Indigo is accused of causing this, and must find a way to clear their names and stop the network before things get too far, putting their reputations, and lives, at risk.

Season 6Edit

Series # Season # Episode Title Description
61 1 Long Paw of the Law In what appears to be an attempt to impress Doug, Aldebaran reveals that he's turned over a new leaf and wants to be a good guy, and sets out to join Team Indigo as proof.
62 2 A for Effort Aldebaran battles with Trance in an effort to prove to the others that he's really changed.
63 3 Beautyhunters With concerns about the beauty pagent the Jynx sisters are hosting, Hazeel reluctantly enters so that the team (and Aldebaran) can keep a close eye on them.
64 4 A Silver Lining Silver loses his patience with Kato and calls him out on having only credentials written in crayon, so Kato gets upset and leaves to spend time with his cousins. During a mission, Silver's inexpirience with technology gets the team captured and a dangerous weapon preparing to strike Serenity City, he realizes that Kato may be smarter than he seems. The two must combine their talents to save everyone.
65 5 That's Fan-Tastic Coralina and her friends start a fan club for the team, but they take things a bit too far when they interfere with their missions and personal lives. To make matters worse, their lives are put in danger when they end up getting captured by Trance.
66 6 Teaching an Old Bear New Tricks Knowing what its like to be the new guy, Zee takes Aldebaran to show him the area the team spends most of their time in. During a run in with some street thugs, Zee takes advantage of the situation to show off his more patient fighting style.
67 7 Hide and Indigo Seek Bowser offers to hold off on being evil (at least in this region) if the team agrees to babysit Bowser Jr. Unfortunately, he throws a tantrum about losing a game with them and disappears inside the HQ. The team must find him before Bowser returns to pick him up.
68 8 Nanonightmare Kato creates nanobots that can link together to create nearly anything, but Dr. Parasect steals the idea and creates his own for nefarious purposes.
69 9 H.ow A.wful, R.obots O.perating L.ike D.elinquints Karo expresses his disappointment in the nanobots being "too small to be cute," and the ultimate failure of Kato's super robot, so Kato builds him a new robot named H.A.R.O.L.D. (Hard-wired Artificial Robotic Operational Lifelike Droid) When Harold doesn't function as planned, Rigel blames Aldebaran. Kato must try to fix Harold before things get out of hand while everyone else tries keeping Karo distracted to avoid upsetting him.
70 10 Cellmates Aldebaran finally gets the chance to prove himself to everyone when the rest of the team gets captured by Bowser.
71 11 At Your Service Trance appears and reveals that he had Aldebaran in a partial trance since he joined the team (meaning Aldebaran could make his own choices, as long as they would benefit Trance's wishes.) He hypnotizes the team and later spreads his spell to the rest of the region. Rigel must find and rescue his friends, but has trouble because he was "accidentally" left with Bowser in the previous episode
72 12 Rigel vs. Aldebaran Free from Trance's control thanks to Rigel, Team Indigo works to take down the hypno, but before the spell can be broken, freeing everyone else, Aldebaran steps in and takes over, leading to a dangerous fight between the two pancham. Some of Aldebaran's actions imply that part of what he was doing was a genuine interest in being a good guy.


Theme Description
Christmas Special In addition to the usual holiday rush, with the team setting up the decorations and getting each other presents, Bowser plans to steal all the presents and give them to his son, Bowser Jr. and is willing to turn anyone who gets in his way into Christmas Ornaments for his own tree.
Halloween Special With Halloween approaching, Karo, Kato and Ice try to explain the concept to their less informed friends, Zee, Silver and Rigel. Zee gladly plays along, and Silver is delighted by the idea of scaring people and getting candy, but Rigel has a tougher time understanding the holiday. Justin shows a more playful side when using his telekinesis to pull off a few pranks. The team decides to work with Creep in turning the Indigo HQ into a fun haunted house. Because Halloween marks the time when the barrier between their world and the Reverse World is the weakest, Russel and Trance team up and use this opportunity to bring monsters into the world, to hide amongst the costumes and cause mass chaos. The team must get all of these creatures back into the Reverse World before midnight, without losing them amongst the decorations and costumes and while keeping the kids at their haunted house safe.