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Edna Thornberry

Edna ThornberryEdit

Edna Thornberry is a wealthy, elderly woman. She is very forgetful and tends to ramble on about her past sometimes.Sometimes her confusion and forgetfulness lead her to do jobs at different places, because she thinks she works there when she really doesn't. She is also blissfully unaware of her surroundings most times. She enjoys things like flowers, baking, painting, gardening (and she's very good at those), and going for walks, which sometimes go farther than she planned. Edna also likes slow dancing, formal parties, and soft, orchestral music played from her phonograph. She also likes, reading, watching old cop TV shows, game shows and infomercials, where she usually buys multiples of whatever is shown on TV. She sometimes talks about how carefree she was at a child and mistakes people's ages, genders and sometimes even their species. She likes to eat healthy, though she'll sometimes eat sweets (which is her idea of living on the edge.) She also tries, and succeeds, to stay active, even at her old age. Often, she'll use an outdated phrase like "Hold your horses" or "That drives me bonkers." She always follows rules, and tries to ensure that everyone else does too, especially in places like the library. She voluntarily does various odd-jobs, trying to help out, though her forgetfulness and habit of falling asleep randomly cause a few issues. Sometimes she refers to old, obselete technology that she still uses daily. Her caring nature leads others to trust her, and she is very careful with children and animals, with all of them warming up to her quickly.
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