"I would suggest a hasty retreat." Edit

Eclipse is Karo's mysterious Darkrai friend. He used to live in the forest and lure Pokemon into the Spirit World with him and make them his "friend". Once he met Karo he learned how to be friendly and have fun.

Darkrai cake

Personality and TraitsEdit

Eclipse is a lonely Pokemon, so he usually follows Karo around like a Shadow...Literally. He can be a bit stuck up and mean sometimes, but he is very wise. He is a very strong Pokemon with many moves and can use shadows to gain power. But, for a Pokemon who is normally isolated, and eerie, he enjoys doing nice things. For example, he likes baking cakes and playing games with Karo.

He hasn't revealed himself to many Pokemon, but he is always there. Watching. Waiting. Nah, he's just a little shy.


Karo: Close Friend

Rigel: Friend