Dr. ParasectEdit

Dr. Parasect is a mad scientist. His main area of research is biological mutations. He has found ways to change a Pokemon's appearance, making them larger, stronger, smaller in some cases, etc. Each mutated Pokemon is also placed under his control. He also tries to make Pokemon able to use moves they cannot usually learn, and alter their abilities. One project involved making pokemon able to have even more abilities than normal. Another includes maxing out stats beyond the possible maximum, and another involves making humans, animals, and other non-Pokemon able to do Pokemon related things. He kidnaps all kinds of creatures to use for his experaments. He has used his successful expiraments on himself to become extremely powerful. His most well-known experament is what he calls "The Zilla Project" where he makes a creature giant, hungry, stomp-happy, and destructive, then calls them (name)zilla! (example: Groudonzilla.) He is a sadist, He takes great pride in watching helpless creatures suffer because of his experaments. He has a lab with a large property in the middle of nowhere, where he lives, and keeps his test subjects and inventions. His first successful creation was Groudonzilla