Creep is a raichu born from a world where the pokemon train their own trainers to battle each other. One day, when he was a pikachu going about his day in the reverse world, he was struck by a storm cloud that contained Paranormium, the most powerful energy in the reverse world. Ever since he was struck by the lightning from that cloud, he gained a lot of paranormal powers that no pokemon ever knew about. Once he evolved, his fur was never orange like other raichus, it was black with red markings. His eyes became blood red to match the markings and his cheeks were grey instead of yellow. He became the boss of his own mob once he came to the real world. He was a soldier who worked with his trusted colleague, Solid Snake until he quit and got started on his mob. He used to make flipnotes with things in the flips that will make his pals laugh til they pee their pants. But the service he used to do it shut down. Nowadays, he does his job at the mob like he normally does and helps his friends occasionally with missions.

Creep's Bio

Creep's Bio


Creep is evil most of the time but he is also fearless, rough, tough, defensive, protective, and just plain mean. Despite his demonic behavior, he gets along with his friends real well.

Job at the MobEdit

Creep is the boss who takes work seriously, strictly, etc. His mob members calls him "the king of cruelty". He usually lets his mob members look through the jobs on the job bulletin board in his office.


Creep mostly likes coffee breaks after a long day's work. but he also likes playing video games, shooting zombies and hanging out.


Nermal: Brother

R.O.B.: Minion

Ice: Friend

Ninja: Best Friend

Young Creep: Form From the Past, Fellow Mob Member

Poke: Friend

Karo: Friend

Kreap: Evil Clone, Enemy

Aisu: Enemy

Neenja: Enemy

Magnezone: Enemy

Demon: Sister

Beta: Cousin

Gamma: Younger Cousin

Zoltar: Pet

Maverick: Friend, Fellow Mob Member

Rudy: Nephew, Fellow Mob Member

Blazer: Close Friend, Fellow Mob Member

Petey: Close Friend, Fellow Mob Member

Marvin: Close Friend, Fellow Mob Member

Mindy: Close Friend, Fellow Mob Member

Danny: Known Pokemon

Tazer: Child

Features Edit

Creep has many features such as a bottomless back pocket that's located somewhere on his butt, glowing red eyes, a 44 magnum, an axe, 5 machetes, a chainsaw, and more. a weird feature that he has is if he gets hit in the back of his head, his eyes will fall out, luckily he's always catches them and puts them back. He even has the ability to make a scary face and noise to frighten any pokemon (even ghost-types). If creep ever needs to stun an opponent he'll charge the lights in his eyes and then flashes a light brighter than what he normally does. Creep can even use his tail to hover for a short distance if there's something like a gap that a double jump can't get over (no, he's not really flying.). Creep can even mimic anyone's voice, pokemon cries, etc. (yes they sound exactly like who or what he's mimicing). Creep's main cry isn't a normal or distorted Raichu cry. Instead it sounds like the scream emitted by the four main animatronics in five nights at Freddy's. Check out this video to hear it: . His weak point is his back. If hit hard enough, he becomes temporarily paralyzed.

Jobs in the past Edit

Before starting the mob, Creep had these jobs:


Dragon Tamer



Karate Master



Leader of the FBI in the Reverse world

and Terrorist (he's still one though)


"Shocking.'" ~ Catchphrase

"you pissed me off...." ~ said when Nermal annoyed him too much

"not if i put a barrier around the island of adventure" ~ said when Poke's clone wanted revenge.

"wait just a cottonee pickin' minute...." ~ said when something isn't right.

"looks like i've got a moonbeam of my own!" ~ said when battling the mooninites

"Holy Galvantula, where have you been?" ~ said when Maverick walked in when Rudy was still an egg

"THINK YOU CAN TAKE ME DOWN?!" ~ said when he uses his final smash (Dark Thunderstorm Rampage)

"enderman, you're gonna pay for that!" ~ said when he was attacked by an enderman

"and it will" ~ said to tell poke and ice that the toxic waters can kill you

"one of them says the mission is to find a hidden treasure in the lava pits" ~ said when he was reading missions

"_______ it is then" ~ said when he gets more than one of the same suggestion for something

"watch how dad does it" ~ said when training Tazer

"mumblin' machops, tazer, what did you eat?" ~ said when Tazer farted near him

"You can't touch this!" ~ sometimes said when he wins at something.


Creep has the illusion ability, so he can use it to turn into anything, especially a minecraft player in shining diamond armor.


Food: Spider Eyes

Color: Red

Hobby: Killing Zombies

Video Game: Earthworm Jim

Trait: His Devious Behavior

Number: 666

Physical Feature: His Bright Red Eyeballs

Drink: Coffee

Minecraft Enemy: Creeper

Contraption: R.O.B.

Weapon: His Shiny 44 Magnum Pistol

Sibling: Nermal

Pet: Zoltar

Friend: Ninja

Music: The Disturbing, Scary Kinds of Music

Mortal Kombat Fighter(s): Sub-Zero, Scorpion, Reptile, Ermac

Most Hated Person/Pokemon: its usually his mother, but since she's dead, its now Kreap F. Raichu


AC DC-Back in Black Lyrics

AC DC-Back in Black Lyrics

Main Theme

Mortal Kombat(Sega Genesis) Opening Theme-0

Mortal Kombat(Sega Genesis) Opening Theme-0

Boss Theme

Pokémon Anime Sound Collection- Sinnoh Wild Pokemon Battle

Pokémon Anime Sound Collection- Sinnoh Wild Pokemon Battle

Music that plays when Creep has been spotted by a human

Wario's Victory Theme

Wario's Victory Theme

Victory Theme