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This is only a little part of the graveyard.

The graveyard, One of the places on this island. A demonic orb rests here, it must not be picked up, or the corruption will spread out of the graveyard. the crruption is a disease that affects any living things, Such as turning Plants, Grass, Trees, to a purple hue. they wilt much faster. Pokemon, Animals and Humans will turn into zombies. Death is the keeper of this orb. Death is also Silver's friend, so he comes to check on him often. A great and deadly monster lived here. It died, supposedly either by passing away, or by Death getting fed up with it. Here is a document.

"I think I lost it...The gash in my shoulder is deep, but I should be able to manage...But there's nowhere to run. I'm as good as dead...I want to spend my last moments working on this document. I was running through the graveyard, I knew a way I could stop the corruption and sun could shine finally on the graveyard. But that monster found me. I had to run, that thing overpowers me. He was able to claw me in my shoulder from behind. I kept going anyways, giving up was not an option at that point. I locked the door as soon as I ran into the house...I hear that monster right outside...Should I run? Should I board up the doors mo--~~-+" The bottom of the page was covered in the bloody pawprints of a Zangoose. A fight went down, from the way the clawmarks have cut into the house. Nobody knows where that Man went since.