Beta is Creep's cousin who is exactly born on the same day as his cousin in black. He has the job of a pirate captain who finds his loot very easily. Sometimes he'll share his loot with Creep and the mob because him and Creep hang out with each other more than Demon and his little brother, Gamma. The reason why he became a pirate is because he watched too much pirate movies as a pichu and he lost his right eye in combat with his high school rival, Manny the Magmar.
2. Beta's Bio

Beta's Bio


Beta is nice (only to his cousins and brother) but mostly he is greedy.


Creep: Cousin

Nermal: Cousin

Ice: Friend

Ninja: Friend

Poke: Friend

Karo: Friend

R.O.B.: Friend

Young Creep: Friend

Demon: Cousin

Gamma: Brother

Zoltar: Friend